The timeline

This basic timeline provides start and end dates along with COVID-19 cases for each of the six lockdowns Melburnians have faced since the pandemic began

Lockdown One:

43 days

BEGAN: March 30, 11:59pm
ENDED: May 12, 11:59pm

Restrictions were further eased on the 1st of June 2020, however during the time between then and the 12th of May 2020, "Stay at home orders" were not active and hence this period didn't constitute what is internationally considered a "lockdown".

Lockdown Two:

111 days

BEGAN: July 8, 11:59pm
ENDED: October 27, 11:59pm

Lockdown Three:

5 days

BEGAN: February 12, 11:59pm
ENDED: February 17, 11:59pm

Lockdown Four:

14 days

BEGAN: May 27, 11:59pm
ENDED: June 10, 11:59pm

Lockdown Five:

12 days

BEGAN: July 15, 11:59pm
ENDED: July 27, 11:59pm

Lockdown Six:

78 days

BEGAN: August 5, 8:00pm
ENDED: October 21, 11.59pm